The sixth film from the Small Wonders DVD follows families as they begin to feel more confident in caring for their babies on the neonatal unit. You will also see how some of our families cope with their baby's condition getting worse.

The Small Wonders DVD was created by child health charity Best Beginnings to support families on the journey with their sick and premature baby. The Small Wonders DVD, with all 12 films on, is available for free for families and staff in neonatal units in England thanks to funding from the Department of Health. It will soon be available in neonatal units in Scotland and Northern Ireland thanks to funding from these nations.

If you are not in a neonatal unit where the Small Wonders DVD is given out, you can purchase a copy of the DVD at

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Two steps forward, one step back

Your time in the neonatal unit may be full of ups and downs - it's important to remember that this is normal. Two mothers talk about coping with setbacks while their baby was in hospital.